Monday, November 18, 2013

Lady Gaga Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live'_ Works Future Self Without Fame!

lady_gaga_ snl_
Lady Gaga took a trip into the lengthy run on 'Saturday Night Live' on the Nov. 16, 2013.

Playing a older version of herself, the pop superstar was confirmed living alone without the worldwide recognition she likes nowadays.

To her shock the structure's superintendent, conducted by Kenan Thompson, did not identify who she was and not even the Grammys defending her piano ran his storage space.

She conducted aspects of her former hits such as 'Born This Way,' but still couldn't generate any applause from the 'SNL' major.

Gaga, 27, is often belittled for her undeniable starvation for superstardom and getting the interest of the public by any indicates necessary.

As a first-time wide range of the sketch crazy show, she began out by spoofing these criticisms by milking the viewers applause.

'Yay! Offer it with up for New York,' she screamed to a round of regards.

'There are 2 kinds of applause, the kind you generate or affordable applause, which you get by pandering to the audiences and saying aspects like, 'Give it up for New York,' she continuous. 'I'm a fan of both and you know what, I had written a song about it.'

Gaga then released into a comical version of her personal 'Applause' off the 'Artpop' record.

'I'll take your affordable applause, applause, applause,' she conducted while dancing.

She continuous getting regards by calling 'for the ladies' As well as those from 'out of town.'

The 'Poker Face' artist even engaged 'ending childhood obesity' as a way to get audiences enhance.

Gaga identified her beginning performance with her own version of the conventional 'New York, New York', doing about how it's been a wish of hers to host 'SNL' and now she had finally shifted down on the popular stage.

The show also engaged designs joking about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who was regarded as a 'Patriot, idol, aspect model' by '60 Minutes' Lara Logan (played by Kate Mc-Kinnon).

There was even an anti-depressant promotion focused at people in politics, which exposed Us president Barack Obama (played by Jay_Pharoah) trying to battle through the serious criticisms he's knowledgeable during his second phrase.

'You'll encounter like you're offering a discussion on the college campusl in 2008, or getting Bin Loaded all over again,' this ad for Paxil - 2nd Term Strength indicated.

Lady Gaga closed with the performance of 'Do What U Want' featuring_ R. Kelly.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Telenovela Legend Karla Alvarez Identified Dead, Allegedly From Respiratory Failure!

Telenovela Legend Karla Alvarez Identified Dead,
Allegedly From Respiratory Failure!
Mexican telenovela celebrity Karla Alvarez, who has been known for actively playing villains, has passed away, allegedly from respiratory system failure, according to Mexican reporter Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

She was 41 as well as had appeared from the novela 'Que Bonito Amor' just this season, though she was rumored to be fighting alcohol addiction as well as an eating dysfunction. She was obtained in her Mexico Area apartment.

Alvarez’s breakthrough role came inside 'Maria Mercedes.' Various other credits include 'Buscando El Paraiso,' 'Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma,' 1997′s 'Mi Querida Isabel,' where she starred, as well as 'La Mentira,' 'La Intrusa,' 'Alma Rebelde,' 'Inocente De Ti,' 'Heridas de Amor' as well as 'Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo.'

She was married for 2 years to Mexican actor Alexis Ayala, then had a relationship while using the director Armando Zafra. Of a month ago, she was associated with a reported carjacking, and announced that she had cancer, though it’s unclear whether that had been ever confirmed.

Karla Alvarez, born inside Mexico Area, also appeared with reality show 'Big Brother VIP' in 2003.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bobbie Brown Says That She Slept With Leonardo DiCaprio, When He Was 19!

Bobbie Brown Says That She Slept With Leonardo
DiCaprio, When He Was 19!
Within 1990, 22-year-old Bobbie Brown found fame for the reason that “Cherry Pie” girl, over known for her sexy appearance within the Warrant’s music video. Inside a new memoir--excerpted by the New York Post--- the currently 44-year-old recounts her outdoors drug days, partying with a few of Hollywood’s top stars.

The lady claims that she acquired racy encounters with celebrities like Dave Navaro, Mark McGrath, Kevin Costner plus a 19-years-old Leonardo DiCaprio.

'90s music audio-video vixens: Where usually are they now?

“We went back to (Leonardo DiCaprio’s) position that night. Leo acquired barrettes pulling back the dirty blond hair. He switched on some music and started singing that TLC song ‘Waterfalls’ to my opinion. It was weird — I wasn’t involved with it at all. ”

Each had sex, she writes, but their relationship was over there. Things didn’t go pretty as far when she got near Kevin Costner.

“After another wild night on the club, I went returning to Kevin Costner’s place along with was so lit i threw a lighted cigarette into his bedroom along with nearly set his house unstoppable. But we never acquired sex. ”

These days, Brown says she is actually living a drug-free existence.

“I’m 44 years aged and single these days… I’m happier than I’ve most people have struggled. I’d love to receive married again, but relationships are don't my priority. ”

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Smoulder With 1st '50 Shades of Grey' Shoot!

0_jamie dornan-dakota johnson_0
Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Smoulder With 1st...
Roll call! Jamie Dornan and also Dakota Johnson are steaming in the cover of the modern issue of Entertainment Weekly. The stars provide a first look at their characters Christian Grey As well as Anastasia Steele from E. L. James' 'Fifty Shades of Grey' adaption.

The softly seductive cover demonstrates Dornan -- devoid of his scruff! -- and also Johnson, 24, cozying up together. This British actor is dapper (and attractive! ) in the grey, sleek fit as he retains Johnson tight to help his chest. Johnson, meanwhile, innocently stares up with the camera as the girl caresses her lip area with her hands.

Earlier this 7 days, Dornan's leading woman showed off the start of her Steele transformation in the event the natural blonde stepped out having a darker shade involving brunette locks inside West Hollywood, Calif. upon Monday, Nov. 11. Regarding Dornan, 31, he's been keeping a decreased profile since his casting news, and was solely more notably spotted out regarding his pregnant wife Amelia Warner overdue last month inside London.

Production upon Fifty Shades does not begin for a different three weeks, nevertheless the stars are (clearly) currently gearing up for the erotic drama.

'Jamie and Dakota increasingly becoming along very efficiently,' a resource shows the Us Weekly 'Production is proceeding very smoothly.'

Fifty Shades is scheduled to debut upon February 13, 2015. (Universal Pictures just announced it's original release slated for August 1, 2014 needed to be pushed back.).

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Controversy Over Farrah Fawcett Painting By Andy Warhol Goes To Trial!

Farrah Fawcett painting by Andy Warhol goes to trial!
A silkscreen regarding Farrah Fawcett by artist Andy Warhol, which can be worth $30 million, has become the midst of a legal contest over ownership.

Ryan O'Neal, Farrah's on-again, off-again associate between 1979 in addition to her 2009 demise, and the Texas University get competing claims about the 1980 artwork. O'Neal said which Warhol had given it to him individually, and he acquired left it with Fawcett's house briefly if a sweetheart objected to his having it in his own house. He mentioned he retrieved the item after Fawcett's demise, according to a study for the TODAY, Wednesday.

The University, meanwhile, statements Fawcett remaining all of her artwork towards school in a living trust.

According for you to O'Neal, the University of Texas is 'greedily... trying for taking (his) cherished portrait with the love of the life.'

The actor along with the school will head out head-to-head in L . a . Superior Court Wednesday in a very two-week trial. The report on possible witnesses includes O'Neal, his in addition to Fawcett's son Redmond, along with the actress' former 'Charlie's Angel' Co-star Jaclyn Cruz.

Who will earn the dispute?

'It can come down to how good of actor Mr. O'Neal is, ' said probate in addition to estate attorney Kenneth Ostrove in TODAY. 'If the guy can play out which emotional side than it, be believable.'

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Amy Robach Detects Breast Cancer Following On-Air Mammogram!

Amy Robach detects breast cancer following on-air...
ABC's Information reporter Amy Robach decided not to should get a mammogram, nevertheless it ended up preserving her life.

Robach offers revealed that, after submitting to the procedure live on the air for Good Morning America's Pink Day, she was found to possess breast cancer and will now undergo some sort of bilateral mastectomy.

'The doctors informed me bluntly:' The mammogram just saved your life,' she wrote within an structure inside your 'ABC.'News. com.

Robach said she had no time before had a mammogram and also had actually delayed having the course of action before a manufacturer asked her to accomplish it to the indicate. 'You usually are now forty, this age girls should begin acquiring mammograms,' Amy described this kind of producer well advised her. 'Would you even consider more than it?'

The reporter explained 'GMA' colleague Robin Roberts urged her to accomplish it, telling the woman, 'You know, Robach, in the event that one life is usually saved, it's worth every penny.' After getting the testing done upon air Oct. 1st, Robach advised that she was recommended simply by doctors that she had the illness. Now she is grateful to obtain encouraged to undertake it and hopes her story helps some other women.

'I ended up being also told this type of, for every an individual that has cancer, the absolute minimum of 15 lives tend to be saved because individuals around them come to be vigilant,' Amy Robach had written. 'They go with their medical professionals, they get examined.

'I can just hope my story will perform the same and also inspire every female who hears it to acquire a mammogram, to please take a self exam. Essentially not any advice. It can be this particular variation in between living and death.'

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scott Baio And Also Garry Marshall Reunite With Baio's Nick At Nite Show!

Scott Baio, Garry Marshall reunite with Nick at Nite!
Happy Days are here all over again! Alums Scott Baio as well as Garry Marshall are reuniting upon Baio's Nick at Nite indicate See Dad Run, in line with the Hollywood Reporter.

Marshall guest stars on this week's show as Bernie, the TV dad of Baio's character David, a former sitcom legend who's now a stay at home dad. David becomes annoyed as soon as Bernie runs off as well as leaves his new (real_life) newborn, THR reports.

25 entirely unnecessary TV spin-offs

'I considered the whole One week I would be so nervous looking at him. I wanted to be great looking at him, and I didn't desire to blow it,' Baio informs THR. 'But as soon as we began, it was by far the most relaxed I've ever recently been, and it was just so simple. And it was unbelievably emotional, and I'm not really an psychological guy.'

Baio said he mentioned Marshall's name when producers were looking to cast his character's papa, and also asked Marshall's boy Scott to direct the specific episode. 'I have an idea: I answer calls through folks who made me a attack,' Marshall told THR.

Inside another coincidence, See Dad Run also movies on the same level as Happy Days did. The show airs Weekend at 8/7c on Nickelodeon.

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